This is part of the 2014 AO3 ship stats. For a guide to what each column means, click here.

This list shows the 100 most popular relationship tags on AO3. There are 3 F/F pairings, 23 F/M, 3 Gen and 71 M/M.

Of the 200 names, 29 belong to women - down from 32 this time last year. 11 of the 200 names are POC, compared with 11 last year.

As a Warstan shipper I also have to note that my favored pairing, number 45 on this list, is in large part made up of fics where Mary dies or vanishes (in a saintly way pre-HLV, in an evil way post-HLV) in order to make room for more Johnlock. If you exclude “Sherlock Holmes/John Watson” from the tag you go from 2575 stories down to 506 and fall out of the top 100.

This is a super-interesting list, btw. 

Similar problem for Mystrade shippers (though not nearly so nasty as having your ship torpedoed in favour of another - see also Sherlolly, Sherstrade and Johnstrade). M/L frequently gets tagged in Johnlock stories when all that happens is there is a one-sentence mention of them being a couple. Today there are 3044 Mystrade fics on AO3, but exclude those also tagged John/Sherlock and that gets almost literally halved down to 1684, dropping them from #37 to #71. Now granted, some of those will have M/L as the main pair with S/J as a minor but the vast majority don’t - and it’s a pain in the ass if you’re after genuine Mystrade.



pining is 100000% the most important aspect of pre-relationship fic for me. good-natured whole-hearted pining filled with lovelorn gazing and chest aching and fluttering touches, that’s my top priority. i was put on this earth to watch characters suffer over the profundity of…